Tackling Climate Change: Deployment & Policy for Renewable Energy. 

2:15 PM - 3:15 PM

Business & Policy

When the gas and power company PG&E filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January 2019, the Wall Street Journal dubbed it “The first climate-change bankruptcy.” California’s largest utility was overwhelmed by rapid climatic changes as a prolonged drought dried out much of the state and decimated forests, dramatically increasing the risk of fire.

PG&E’s case makes it clear that companies must consider climate change’s sudden, and potentially unexpected, impacts to their value chains. This panel discusses pressing questions surrounding physical risks, increased price volatility of materials and product risks due to sudden unreliability and the emergence of alternative options.

Ariel Horowitz

Director of Technology Development

Massachusetts Clean Energy Council

Madeline Salzman

Science and Technology Policy Fellow

US Department of Energy

Bradford Swing

Director of Energy Policy and Programs

City of Boston

Office of the Mayor

Martine Dion

Principal, Director of Sustainable Design at SMMA

Reshma Singh

Program Director

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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