Energy Storage For The Modern Age

11:10 AM - 12:10 PM  


The work around battery technology is rising, attributed to an estimated $620 billion in investments by 2040 according to the Environmental Defense Fund. An exponential rise in behind the meter installations and battery management systems for edge computing solutions guarantee a 9x market growth projection. With increasing pressure to meet necessary demands, research to create disruptive battery technology is accelerating.

This panel introduces the market need and discusses the latest in battery innovation with a focus on the future on Lithium-ion batteries. What does the battery of the future look like through existing research? Is there development along the lines of increasing storage time and combating self-discharge? What is the progress in extending battery life, cost-effectiveness, and run cycles?

Daniel Finn-Foley

Head of Energy Storage

Wood Mackenzie Power and Renewables

Ted Wiley

Co Founder, President and COO

Form Energy

Charlotte Ancel

Director of Strategic Development


Jay Baronowski

Director Portfolio and Asset Management

Diamond Generating Corporation

A Mitsubishi Subsidiary

Joshua Gallaway

Assistant Professor

Chemical Engineering

Northeastern University

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