Green New Deal: a call for the Energy Revolution

11:10 AM - 12:10 PM

Business & Policy

The American fossil-fuel industry has long understood that its reliance on the federal government for corporate-friendly policies have enabled its profitability. In 2019, congresswoman Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez proposed the Green New Deal, a nonbinding resolution to give the U.S. economy a makeover to transition to carbon-neutral energy in a decade. Putting on hold the legislation’s political baggage, policymakers must decide on whether or not to subsidize a green economy.


This panel will address the course that the government agencies need to take to oversee the transition to renewables. It will also discuss questions surrounding resources such as material, labor, and funding to efficiently execute the Green New Deal.

Jennie Stephens


School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs

Northeastern University

Cameron Peterson

Director of Clean Energy

Metropolitan Area Planning Council

Alex Papali

Energy and Zero Waste Campaigns

Clean Water Action

Jen Stevenson

Director of Research and Operations

Nafis Hasan

Member of Democratic Socialists of America,

Boston Chapter.

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