September 29th, 2017,
Northeastern University,

A keynote speech by Dr. Emily Reichert

A keynote speech by Dr. Robert Armstrong

Renewable Energy Integration: Social and Technological Innovations

With the remarkable and steady growth of renewable energy – solar and wind energy, in particular – energy systems are transforming. The potential for renewable energy integration is huge, and forecasts predict even faster growth of renewable resources in coming years. The panel explored the social, political and cultural changes in renewable energy integration, in addition to the technological innovations.

Building Resilient Energy Infrastructure in the Face of Climate Change

A recent global survey revealed that one-third of the world's population is unaware of climate change and the threats it poses. Though the level of education is sighted as the main concern in this survey, the threats that face us are unyielding with permanent effects. The panel looked into different infrastructural changes needed to abate the unpleasant future that awaits us.

Microgrids and Energy Storage

A populous answer to resiliency in power systems is microgrids. This panel discussed the technical and financial roadblocks currently faced in creating building-wide, community-wide or city-wide microgrids that integrate cleaner energy sources making power systems resilient. The discussion also ventured into the utilization of various energy storage technologies and their feasibility.

High Performance and Sustainability in the Built Environment

The panel ventured into how building design promotes energy efficiency, reduces environmental impacts, and improves occupant comfort and well-being. Today’s built environment is increasingly employing integrated design concepts to create healthier and more resilient buildings and cities.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Energy

Evolving green technology as foreseen by brilliant minds coming up with unprecedented ideas and discoveries is shaping the sustainable future. Only a few have been successful in transforming their idea into reality. What has been their vision in the ambiguous and fluctuating economics of renewable energy? Transforming the world to a sustainable future? To give the people a reason to smile for?

Energy Trading

A continuous existing tussle between supply and demand of energy is addressed most effectively with energy trading. With a clear demarcation between two divisions of energy trading: commodity trading and financial trading they both work together to build a robust profit making energy system. The panel closely looked into the specifics of energy trading like the ‘what’ and the ‘how’; and also gave us a sneak-peak into the job opportunities in this sector.

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